Large family & lots of love!

Feathers From the Sky - Posy Roberts

Feathers From the Sky was one of the most heartwarming, incredibly sweet holiday stories I have read so far and that's saying a lot because I have found some incredibly good Christmas reads this year and I know I still have some to read, but this book was a huge hit with me.

The gist of the story is that Cal goes home to have Christmas with his large family (7 kids, I can so relate, I am #7 guessed it 7). He loves his family but as an introvert he has limits on his social interaction and he wants to step out of his bi-closet and tell his family about the love of his life who is due to arrive any time now...what happens next? Is a wonderful story as only Posy Roberts can tell it.

I was a solid fan of this authors from the first page of 'Fall Into You' and this story has only confirmed that if Ms Roberts wrote it than I must have it. I love drama, angst, mystery, thrillers, fantasy, etc. there are very few genres that I don't have at least one author in whom I am crazy for their books, I like diversity in my reading. Posy Roberts fills the need in me for stories that make me smile, restore my belief in things that are good and heartwarming in this world. Her stories don't portray cookie cutter lives without problems or heartache they show people who are willing to work at getting the happily ever after, who understand that none of us are perfect and we don't need to be, we just need to be the best that we can and to love without reservation.

I loved this story and would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a holiday story about love and family.