It's time...

So I posted a few days ago about how my son, his partner and I were going into business and I was excited but really nervous about it and some of my friends here were kind enough to ask me to keep them posted as to what was happening, well if you're still interested we have updates on FACEBOOK, TWITTER & TUMBLR courtesy of our business's Social Media Director.


If you go to our splash page at the links are there for all 3 social media sites and you can find out more about us, but hopefully only enough to peak your interest right now. 


So that's me for now, still excited, still nervous but I think both feet are firmly planted on the deck and our ship is sailing. It's going to be a fun voyage, hope you'll all peak in on us from time to time and if you have any friends, especially in Canada who collect Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) feel free to pass it on that Bird and Lace is coming to a website near them soon, we'll just be a click away! 


                                               Bird & Lace