Portrait #6 doesn't measure up...

A Christmas Portrait (Portrait #6) - J.P. Bowie

A Christmas Portrait thankfully ended much better than I was anticipating. I love this series and the Nick Fallon series by J.P. Bowie and when I started reading this book I just wasn't feeling the same urge to read, need to know what comes next that I got with the other books. But fortunately it was still a sweet little Christmas story about two of the supporting characters in the Portraits & Nick Fallon series so I persevered and the last 15 to 20 pages turned into a bit more of a mystery that I enjoyed. 

So overall not the 4 or 5 star read that I'm use to with this series but definitely 3.5 stars which it will show up as over on BL because they allow for that. 

If you're a fan of the Portrait or the Nick Fallon series you'll enjoy this holiday jaunt over to Merry 'ole England taken by Peter & Jeff, if you've never read the series than probably best to consider back tracking so you can enjoy this story all the more.