Just had to share...

I posted back at the beginning of the year, hey, that's almost 2 weeks ago now, because I wanted to share my exciting and scary news with all of you here about the business that my partners (being my son and his life partner) and I are starting so now after a bit of time our Social Media Director has been slowly revealing our plans and I want to share a couple of things with everyone because I'm just really excited so I'm going to repost what is on our facebook page:

I am particularly proud of this release because the very talented Bird is my son. So please feel free to check out his facebook page and see a sampling of what he can do for these BJD dolls (This is not a sales promo, just a mom's bragging rights).



Now for those of you who aren't familiar with BJD's and would like to snoop just to get an idea of what I'm up to this post might be of interest: