"Well Holy Cow Batman, did you see that?"

Light - Nathan Burgoine

"Why no Robin, I didn't I was blinded by the Light!"
Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. This book was a total surprise. I really had no idea what to expect. It was recommended to me by the lovely Heather. Thanks Heather.

It was fun, I adored characters especially Kieran and Easter, Sebastien and Pilot and of course Karen. I loved that it was set in Ottawa, Canada's capital. Having been there several times just helped to make this story more vivid for me.

There's not a lot that I feel I can say about the story without giving away what seem to me to be pretty serious spoilers. So I'll try and do this by saying it was an incredibly enjoyable read, I would recommend to anyone wanting to just relax with a good book. Having said that I will also add that I found there to be an underlying thread speaking to diversity and the fact that sometimes the things that truly make a person different aren't things that are readily seen. The nice thing was none of this was done in a preachy way and it may not have even been intended by the author. In which case I tip my hat to him for unknowingly weaving such a wonderful reminder into his story that sometimes what we see or think we see isn't always what is or at least not all of what is.

For those who read my updates, I will also add hard as it is I do forgive the error that was made in regard to Canadian currency, yes, I am referring to the poor much maligned Toonie, that's right the correct spelling is Toonie as in Loonie (that's our dollar coin) only with a 'T'. In the scheme of things it seemed a fair trade one fun, enjoyable story in exchange for one spelling error. The world hasn't ended so I'm good with that.