Paris city of love?

Dead Run - Josh Lanyon

More like city of conflict for Taylor and Will. I love this series, Taylor and Will seem at times to be perfect for each other and yet not quite. It's been nearly a year since they've seen each other and neither is sure how things will go. They know they love each other and are looking forward to being together again. But these men both have strong personalities and for all that they love each other sometimes the things they do hurt the other, sometimes love's just not enough or is it?

This book is filled with conflict and angst on so many different levels as both men began to really feel the stain that a long distance relationship causes and each tries in their own way to resolve the issues and repair the damage but there are other factors beyond their control that are working against them and at times it looks like one or the other of them is ready to walk away because maybe that's what is really best for them. Those were the moments when I held my breath and prayed. I don't always like it when a book has as much drama in it as this one did but for me this time it worked, it made the story believable. Relationships aren't always hearts and flowers and that's ok because it's the drama between the happy moments that make for a good story.

In a lot of ways this was my favorite book so far in the series, but there's still one to go and I'm hoping it will see this pair on more solid ground in their relationship. It's time these two got a little HEA, so here's hoping that book 5 is where it happens.