Funny business on Dangerous Grounds!

Kick Start (Dangerous Ground, #5) - Josh Lanyon

I loved this book it was fun. Meeting Will's father and brother was interesting and gave some insight into him. I kind of feel like Taylor is doing a bit more of the give than take in this relationship right now, but most relationships work that way. The give and take goes back and forth and one person seems to do more of one than the other at certain times.


What probably turned this into more of a 4.5 star read than 5 for me was the ending, I almost felt like I'd slammed into a brick wall at the end. Definitely a cliff hanger in terms of unanswered questions like who the hell hired the PI to follow Will & Taylor & why? What saved it from being a 4 star read was the humor there were some seriously funny, laugh out loud moments that just delighted me.


I like that there's going to be more Will & Taylor this couple gets better and better with each book for me, I hope this continues and I will be watching for Dangerous Grounds 6, hopefully coming soon?