Second time around just as good as the first!

Dangerous Ground  - Josh Lanyon

This was actually a 4 star rating from me the first time I read this book, but I'm bumping it up to a 5 star read this time around. Any book that I can read twice and enjoy every bit as much or possibly a little more the second time as the first earns 5 stars in my world.


I make no apologies that I am a huge fan of Josh Lanyon's work. I love his books Come Unto These Yellow Sands, Lovers and Other Strangers and Fair Game, his Adrien English series and I Spy are like comfort food. Do I think all his books are 5 star reads no, but it's been a while since I've read this series and I actually felt like this book was working better for me this time around than it did the first time, so it earned itself another star.


Damn I forgot how seriously hot these two men are...this was just plain old fashioned fun Will and Taylor are definitely 2 men worth spending more time with.