All the stars in the sky...

The Return - Brad Boney

This book has garnered all the stars in the sky from me. I don't even know where to begin. I bought it because I really liked the author's last book "The Nothingness of Ben" and I was hoping to like this one as much. I was wrong, "The Return" blew me away. I couldn't put it down.

Overall I would say the premise was incredibly unlikely, but once I started reading it, this didn't matter. The hopeless romantic in me flared to life and refused to not believe in the story I was being told. Whether this is the best book ever written or not doesn't matter. All that matters for me is the strength with which this story devoured me, drew me in, made me want it to be real, took me on the world's most incredible roller coaster ride, made me smile, cry and in the end love a group of men I will never know.

May/December romances are not normally my thing at all, one of the few books that I have not finished was largely due to that subject matter, apparently when done right even that does not matter. There were repeated reminders of the age difference between the MC's and I didn't care, it just wasn't an issue but it was a very integral part of the story.

What really made this story feel so personal and intimate for me was the fact that my age puts me into Stanton's generation, while my son's age is Topher's so the music was familiar to me regardless of whether they were discussing The Boss or Linkin Park. The underlying theme of music was used to weave this book into such a beautiful song of it's own, I was surprised when I found myself listening to songs because they were mentioned in the book and my brain was screaming at me to play it, play it now, thank you YouTube for enhancing my reading experience.

If you love music this is the book to read along with the incredibly beautiful story it tells the walk through musical history is worth the read.