OMG!!! I can't...

Odd Man Out - Lee Brazil,  Havan Fellows,  Laura Harner,  T.A. Webb

I don't even...where to begin. I have loved this series from the start. These four wonderful authors drew me in hook, line & sinker. Yes, Wick was and always will be my favorite. I adored him start to finish. But that by no means implies there was anyone I didn't like because I adored them all.


I started on the edge of my seat, holding my breath and stayed there for over half of the story, then I cried, then I was able to breath again, I laughed and finally I cried some more mostly happy tears and maybe a few tears of regret because the story is over.

This was to me the perfect ending for this series, but for these men it's the beginning of their happily ever after and thank you dear authors for that.


Rumor has it there's a new group of men coming, new adventures to be had, new locals to be explored. My heart says they couldn't possibly match the men in this series, my mind says "Let's read and see. You know you wanna'!"