STAT might benefit from some CPR...

STAT - Stephani Hecht

This was unfortunately for me only a 2 star read. I've been reading this series from the beginning and I've really enjoyed it, some books more than others yes, but any of them more than this one. 

So where did my brain get derailed. Let's start with our MC's Jaret (a little unusual namewise, but I'm cool with that. In fact I like unusual names) Jaret has a brother named Leo, this is code talk for 24 year old leach. Seems Leo doesn't work, he's trying to find a job but the economy is tough and really finding a job when you sleep all day and then go out partying all night becomes a whole lot tougher, he lost his mother and father, hello Jaret weren't they your parents too? Heaven forbid Jaret should tell him to put on his big boy pants and get his schtick together, no best to hand him a fistful of money so he can go partying and Jaret can sit at home after having worked all day and hold pity parties for himself. I'm sure that Jaret was suppose to seem like the amazing, self sacrificing big brother; to me he came off as that sucker that P.T. Barnum says is born every minute. Then we have Wells, now I'm sure he has a first name it just wasn't used a lot and everyone called him Wells so that's what stuck in my brain. I think I could have liked him, if there had been a bit more storyline for his personality to come through, see he was shy. Everyone mistook Wells for being a stuck up Brit snob but turns out it was his shyness and a bit of insecurity, this much at least was believable. 

So the next place where my brain derailed was the chemistry between the MC's. I just didn't feel it and when Wells was suddenly doing the nasty with Jester instead of Jaret part way through their big, first time sex scene...wait...Jester? Who the hell is Jester? Oh never mind he's gone Jaret's back, I lost it and I tried so hard to stick with it. I was waiting for undying proclamations of love anything to help create some kind of afterglow, mellow mood. Hell Jaret jumping up and screaming "Jester? Who the hell is Jester and where did he come from?" would have been better than what I got, because what I got was "So do you want to get together tomorrow and have a repeat?" WOW!!! Talk about undying protestations of love, I melted on the spot...not.

On the positive side baby brother, Leo, did get his schtick together after he had a bit of a life altering experience and as he lay nearly dying he realized he'd been a douche to his big brother and he was going to change and make Jaret proud of him. In the words of Shania, "That don't impress me much."

I wanted to like this story, I wanted to enjoy it as much as the rest of the EMS Heat series but I just couldn't. I could see the story the author was telling, I just couldn't connect with it and that made me sad. Maybe next time.