Life on the ranch?

Recession - Amanda Young

Garrett & Miller were adorable. They met when they were young and circumstances separated them leaving both me frustrated and angry with each other. Six years later and Miller is back to his home town to bury his grandmother bringing him back into contact with the one man he'd always loved and been foolish enough to leave behind. During his absence life hasn't been as good to Garrett and he's been through some hard times forcing him to make some hard decisions.

I liked the reality of Miller & Garrett's relationship. When Miller came back to town it wasn't a case of insta love all over again and all is forgiven. They had disagreements, they walked away from each other, they didn't always talk to each other when they should have, Garrett let his pride get in the way. There was a touch of reality to it this wasn't Cinderella and Miller didn't come along on his white charger glass slipper in hand to save the day.

This was a fairly quick, enjoyable story that left me smiling and feeling good and thinking that there are a couple more men at the chicken ranch with an interesting tale to be told and hoping Ms Young shares those stories one day soon especially if like this one they just get better and better.