I cheated...

Simple Gifts - L.B. Gregg

Took a break from Into This River I Drown to listen to an audio book. So audio books have never really appealed to me, but it just happened that I won a copy of an audio book a short while ago and it turns out that in order to claim my prize I actually had to join audible.com luckily the first month is essentially free and I wanted to try audio books to see if I might not like them more than I had thought I would. Now that I have my babbling out of the way about how I came to listen to this story as an audio book. This by the way was not the book I won it was simply a by product of the enforced membership to claim my prize.

L.B. Gregg has been on my list of authors to read since I discovered her series the Men of Smithfield and Romano & Albright (of which I wish there was more) Anyways this is the second part installment in her Cornwall series but seems to work just fine as a stand alone. This is a sweet romance about Jason & Robb, two men attracted to each other since they first met in high school but somehow timing just never seems to be right for them. Robb goes off onto the military. Jason ends up owning a local bar. Each of them living their own lives until Robb's sister who also happens to be Jason's best friend drags him home to her family's annual Christmas party, suddenly Robb & Jason's worlds collide once again or are they just ships passing in the night? Robb and Jason are definitely two characters I'd like to see reappear at some time in another one of Ms Gregg's books, both of these men are fragile in their own way and I think it would be interesting to see their stories expanded on and to find out where things go for them after this books ending. I just like to spend more time with the characters when I'm enjoying a story and I definitely was enjoying this story.

As an audio book this was only a couple of hours long and while the narrator did a competent job of reading I think for me it just seemed strange having this strangers voice read to me, when in fact I enjoy reading to me. It was like there was someone else in the room, I may give audio books another try down the road but I think for now I'll stick to my e-reader and my DTBs.