R.J. Scott, Mary Calmes & Amy Lane what do these author's have in common?

Texas Family - RJ Scott

 For me it's that their books are comfort food for my brain, my heart and my soul. I know what I'm going to get from them, I'm going to get a story I can loose myself in, I can enjoy. With a minimum of one character that I will absolutely adore.


I needed this after my last read it helped to smooth some of the remaining jagged edges back into place and settle my brain.


Texas Family was a nice slice of life look at what's happening in the world of Jack and Riley and their family. It was a chance to see them working on building their HEA. I love this series, these characters, I loved that there was no angst, no extreme drama, no great mystery to solve. Just the day to day life of a couple working towards their dream of having a family. But things weren't so perfect that you felt like you were sinking into a diabetic coma. There was stress of the normal day to day variety, there was tension between brother & sister, relationship struggles, compromise, resolution and in the end a family filled with love. Just what I needed.