Bit of a slow start...

Malachi's Word - Lissa Matthews

This was a short intro to a new series. I would have liked a bit more story and plot building between the MC's, but I did like the characters that were introduced in this story and am willing to continue on to the second story and see how that goes. Got my fingers crossed that things get better and there is a stronger story line happening.


This was probably more of a 2.5 than 3 star read for me. I might have felt that it was more of a 3 star read, if I had gotten 50 pages of story, but I didn't the story was essentially done around page 42 and that's fine but tell me that don't put 50 pages as being the length of the story when in fact you're giving me 42 pages of story and the rest is author bio and promo for other books. Tell me the story is 42 pages + promos or 50 pages including promos either way I don't expect to get a 50 page story and I've been warned.