Close 4 star...

Eli's Promise - Lissa Matthews

I had such high hopes when I started this book. I started out so much better and the MC's Eli & Asa were so perfect, so good together. I was all set this still wasn't a 5 star read but I was sure 4 at least 4 stars would be warranted, but alas I was to be failed. How was I failed well it was the ending I was just left hanging, things felt abrupt and incomplete. I was ready to give 4 stars until I got to what for me was a less than stellar ending for an otherwise enjoyable light read. So at the end of it Eli's Promise only garnered 3.5 stars.

While I didn't take anything away from my rating of this book once again GoodReads told me 95 pages, now I do realize than number can vary depending on download format & e-reader, mine displayed as 81 pages, and my story was done at somewhere around page 62. Once again the remainder was filled with author bio (approx 1 page) and book promo's including one for Eli's Promise? I skipped that one having just read the book and all. Of course I also skipped the on for Malachi's Word book #1 in this series. The book that I had just finished reading, truth be told I skipped them all. No, I don't let this detract from my book rating as I don't feel it's fair to penalize the author for something that honestly is probably outside of their control and has nothing to do with the story, but still it's irksome and now that I've vented I'm off to select my next book.