I started out liking this book, I ended loving this book ...

Starfish and Coffee - Kele Moon

and to me that is a well told story. I was looking for a nice love story, something with some romance, a bit of angst, maybe even a bit of heartache. Something that felt real, that I could loose myself in. I found it. Starfish and Coffee started out as a good read. I had no trouble wanting to read even when I should have been doing other things. Had it stayed that way it probably would have gotten 3 maybe 3.5 stars, but no not quite 75% of the way into the book it slammed into me and said "Ok, here's where I tear your heart out and make you feel that angst and heartache you were looking for." and that was where I started to go to pieces.


I liked Alex & Matt, they fit, they worked as a couple they were hot and sexy, filled with youth and passion, desire and love. These guys definitely had me fanning myself. I like Holly as well, Alex's best friend. I wasn't as sure about Will, but he had some good qualities and like most siblings he and Alex had their differences and were different, very much so, but when push came to shove Will failed his brother and that made me sad, brothers should be there for each other.

Alex made some bad choices, unfortunately for the right reasons, but at the end of the day when those choices cost you what your heart wants most, does it really matter? Bad choices and several years later circumstances bring Matt and Alex back together again but it's looking like things are not going to change for the better. My heart ached and I cried in hurt and frustration that these two men were suffering so. But sometimes good friends have your back when no one else does and they see what you need isn't what you think you want.