I enjoyed this book so much that...

Twelve Tasks - Therese Woodson

 I woke up at 2 a.m. and had to finish it. If you're looking for hot steamy sex and drama, action, deep thought provoking pros, angsty, angsty reading. Keep going you've stopped at the wrong book.


If you're looking for cute, adorable, fun, possibly coma inducing sweetness but with a touch of realism. You might want to stay here a little longer. Matt & Eliot are pretty much polar opposites and yet at the heart of it they share the same insecurities, they just hide it in different ways.


There is a group of friends on both sides of this relationship that are both interesting and interfering at times, I enjoyed them all.


Twelve Task starts as a story about two friends (not Matt and Eliot, but Eliot and Jen) finding a way to take themselves out of the rut of their comfort zones that they have sank into, to make themselves explore what they might be missing in life and from there it turns into a story about a group of people and how it effects all of them, but at the heart of it is always the relationship that develops between Matt and Eliot. It's funny, lighthearted and yes it has it's serious moments filled with anger, indecision, mistakes, people trying to fix them and get past them.


So like I said not much in the hot, steamy sex department but a lot of good story, some really sweet kisses and a couple of sexy, tender moments that make you grasp your pearls and sigh happily (ok, my pearls are tucked away in a drawer but if I'd had them on I totally would have done that.)