HOLY CRAP!!! It's finally happened!!!!

It's here we did it, well mostly the kiddles did it (I helped a little) today is the launch date for the business I've posted about the site is up and running and I have to say I'm so damn proud of my kids they've done an incredible job of it. So please if you have a few minutes to spare and are curious go poke around and check out http://www.birdandlace.com/ . You don't have to buy just look and see all the pretty things, of course if you are interested in BJD's and want to shop we would never discourage you, if you just have a question or two send us an e-mail and we'll do our best to answer your question (well Bird or Lace will as they are the BJD experts in this operation).


The picture below is of a new doll being released by Peaks Woods her name is Tristan, she's just an example of the beautiful things to be found in the BJD community and she's very special to us here at Bird & Lace, we hope you'll like her too.