Frankie's Flame (Kindred Spirits #6) fizzles at the end.

Frankie's Flame - Jude Mason, Jenna Byrnes

So this started out pretty good for me and then it was all down hill. I ended up really not liking one of the MC's too much although he at least redeemed himself a little bit before the end of the book. For me the real problem was the end of the book.


I believe this book is also the end of the series as well, I know it is for me. I have enjoyed this series a lot and the ending of this book just burned everything that went before to ashes for me. I actually woke up wanting to rage about it this morning so I waited until now when I was feeling a little calmer.


I've never been a big fan of paranormal books but having said that neither do I have an aversion to them. Some of my favorite books and/or series have paranormal themes and/or elements to them. Books such as Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series, Ally Blue's Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Theo Fenraven's A Silence Kept, etc., etc. I enjoy these and often wonder when people write in a review that a certain paranormal book or series was unrealistic...

"What the hell? it's about vampires or ghosts or werewolves? Where does realism come into this?"


I now understand at some point the author has to allow the guidelines of reality to dictate the flow of unreality in order to make it believable. I wish I could explain this with specifics from this story but I can't not without spoiling the story and even using spoiler alerts because it pertains to the ending I refuse to do so. In general what happened is that in order for me to believe the ending of this story I have to suspend belief of stuff that happened earlier in other books. For me it becomes very convoluted and to be honest just makes my brain hurt.


So I'm willing to acknowledge that at least half of the problem is me. I don't have the imagination needed to make the ending of this book work with what has gone before, I read it wrong, I interpreted certain events wrong, I don't know, but what I do know is it didn't work for me and that is why in spite of the fact that this series was a 4 star read for me, I am only willing to use 2 stars for this book.