Fun in the sun!

How I Met Your Father - L.B. Gregg

I totally enjoyed this book. It was a light fairly brief holiday story about a retired boy band getting together in a beautiful tropical setting for the wedding of one of it's members.


But before we can have the wedding we have to get to it and that is where the story begins for Jack, the father of the bride and Justin, the groom's best man. Now if each of them only knew who the other one was...they might not have gotten as up close and personal at their first meeting as they did. From here this story just gets more and more entertaining as the days progress to the wedding. People who thought to never see each other again suddenly do, there's tension between the groom to be and the father of the bride, there are secrets to be revealed and if that's not enough Jack has a teenage son who idolizes Justin and what the heck just for good measure let's all go mountain climbing in a rainstorm.


If that's not your idea of a fun time you need to read this book because you've been doing it wrong.