Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, maybe it sits somewhere in between or...

Acts of Faith - A.M. Arthur

I really enjoyed reading this series of books and the characters created by the author for me it was well done. I don't know if ‘Acts of Faith’ is the last book or just the most recent one. I think for Rey & Sam it may be the last one that focuses on them. I really liked these two men until part way through this story and then my anger and frustration with Rey in particular knew no boundaries. I was furious at him, to say he was behaving like the world’s biggest douche in my eyes was an understatement.

I finished this book last night and took the rest of the evening and part of this morning to ponder what it was that I wanted to say about the book and one of the things that I realized was that although I was disappointed that I no longer adore Rey and Sam the way I originally did, I think it speaks to the author’s talent that they could change my attitude within a matter of a very few pages especially given that the reason I liked Sam & Rey wasn’t because they were ‘perfect’ more the opposite. To me Sam & Rey were two men who had both been robbed of what they held dearest and loved the most in life and they each responded to the events  in a different manner.  Sam lost his partner, Ben. Rey lost his child, Faith (this was covered in the first book ‘The Cost of Repairs’) I loved how they came together to help and support each other, gave of themselves even though they were each so emotionally fragile in their own way.

I was going to cite examples here of why I was so angry with Rey, but in my opinion it would be giving away too much of the story to do this and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. While I freely admit the fact that my opinion about Rey changed so dramatically and so quickly made it hard for me to finish the book, I really, really wanted to just chuck it...literally right across the room, thankfully Hubby was there to tell me if I did that we weren’t replacing my e-reader, suffice to say that got me under control. 

I realize a lot of people may feel differently after reading this book than I do and that’s cool we all react and respond to things even books based on our own personal experiences. For me, I was left feeling like I had to walk away from a trusted friend because I suddenly found out they weren’t who and what I had believed them to be, it hurt and left me feeling sad. I’m not going to say whether or not that changed or my opinion of Sam & Rey changed because as I said I don’t want to spoil this for anyone else who reads the book. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, maybe it sits somewhere in between or maybe I’ll have to read this one again one day and I’ll feel entirely different about it all. However, it works for me, ‘The Cost of Repairs’ is an interesting and well done series. I enjoyed reading these books and I know if there are more to come in this series, I’ll be looking for them and I look forward to reading other books by this author.