Seriously...all the pouty faces unless there is more...

The Phoenix Cycle: Would You? - Robert Edward

In the interest of full disclosure I won this story in a draw on another site. The author wanted to know why I wanted to enter the draw and yes, I'm sure he was hoping I would like the book. Ok so now that that's out of the way.

The Phoenix Cycle: Would You? was a step outside of the box read for me, I like to do that every once in awhile read something that isn't really the norm for me. Also this was a nice chance to check out a new author. This is a short story set in what for me felt like a post apocalyptic world.

So what I liked besides that it was as I said a step outside of the box for me. The cover, lol, no seriously I did like the cover and then I got into the book. I like the author's writing style I was drawn into the story and the world he was creating slowly, but consistently. I wanted to keep reading. I found he flowed back and forth smoothly between the world he was creating and the characters he was letting me get to know.

I would definitely enjoy reading more of this story, especially given that he left me hanging at the end of the story (I'd say that this was what I didn't like, except I don't mind the occasional cliff hanger). So...I will forgive you for this, Mr. Edward as long as there is more to come, otherwise you get all my pouty faces :-( ;-( ;o( :o( get it all the pouty faces, more story...that's it back to writing you go, thank you.