I like candy...all the candy!!!

Where You Lead - Mary Calmes

So my last post was a review for Mary Calmes lastest book Floodgates and after reading it I couldn't pick another book so I decided that maybe I just needed a little more sweetness and I chose a short Christmas story by Ms Calmes and I was happy I did. I once again went to that place where I knew I would be able to smile happily and adore the people I was reading about.


Again there was the unmistakeable touch of Ms Calmes, but once again I found small things that made the story individual. Our MC's in this story are Pete and Carver. Pete is an ATF Special Agent and Carver owns an art gallery and is also an artist. Both are in their 30s and are self possessed men who know what they want. There is no criminal element. Unfortunately this was what I would call a very short story, less than 75 pages (less than 50 on my e-reader and as we all know total page numbers can vary from e-reader to e-reader) The reason I say it is unfortunate is because I would have liked to have more detail for Pete & Carver's relationship. It was definitely a, whirlwind. I'm not sure I would label it instalove but it was definitely close and somehow it seemed ok to me, these were two mature men in their 30s who had been out there living life and pretty much had themselves figured out. I think if they had been all indecisive and angsty I would have wanted to walk away from the story. I like my mature people to know what they want, no games.


The other reason I want more to this story because at the heart of it was a change for Pete & Carver. A big change that held so many opportunities for Ms Calmes to give us more about this couple, which I'm hoping is a plan of hers. Both are men have families, Pete's family is scattered to the 4 winds and not so close, while Carver's family consist of him and his parents who reside in a small town in Colt, Kentucky, where our MC's end up going for Christmas.


Where You Lead is the story of Pete & Carver's meeting and their first Christmas together. I loved this story the MC's, Carver's parents, the community of Colt and it's a small town so you know we get to meet them all. One of the best parts of the story for me though was a scene between Pete, Carver's mom and her visiting nurse. It was funny, sweet, endearing, heartbreaking and as I read it I was in that kitchen listening to Carver's mom and witnessing the struggle we all go through as we see someone we care about grapple with the onset of aging and the frailties it can visit upon anyone. Please Ms Calmes, let there be more to this story, I'm sure I am not the only one who would enjoy it.