Good books are even better when shared with a friend or two or more...

Taboo For You - Anyta Sunday, Teresa Crawford, Lynda Lamb, HJS Editing, Caroline Wimmer

I read this book along with a whole lot of other awesome people as a group buddy read and I was so glad I did.

Taboo For You is probably one of the sweetest books I've read so far this year. I know there are going to be a whole lot of reviews showing up for this book and many of them are going to express what an incredibly sweet and enjoyable read this is far better than I will, but, I'm going to try anyways because I just loved this book. It was filled with sweetness and fun and bits of angst.

When I say this book was sweet I don't mean sugary sweet that makes you grit your teeth and pray for it to be over because, well just because there's only so much sweetness a person can take, I mean the kind of sweet that sneaks up on you and just melts your heart because it leaves you feeling warm and happy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and loved all the wonderful characters that came together to create it, Luke and Sam the MC's are neighbours and best friends and it takes both of them awhile to realize that they each want more than friendship implies.

Jeremy, Sam's son from a moment of teenage passion is about to turn 15 and wants what every 15 year old wants what every 15 year old wants first hand experience with his girlfriend and he's willing to try some interesting tactics to achieve his goal.

Then we have Carole, Jeremy's mother and Sam's ex & still good friend who wants to start a new life of her own with her son's acceptance.
And finally there's Luke's friend Jack, who use to be his lover but now is just a friend who wants him to be happy. I really liked Jack and would love to see a story where he finds his special someone and gets the HEA he so deserves.

Although this was a story with two main characters at the same time it had a wonderful and interesting ensemble of supporting characters to help keep it interesting and unique.

This was my first time reading this author but it won't be my last and I will be looking for more of her books to fill my reading hours with.

Thanks to the people in the buddy read who suggested this book and led me to another awesome author to put on my bookshelves.