I'd forgotten how much fun...

Opposites Attract (Prentiss #3) - Talia Carmichael

...the men of Prentiss are. It's been a while since I read the first two books and I was happy to see book number 3 when I was book browsing over on Kobo awhile ago.

Book 3 is all about Drake and HC. Drake is the stuffy foreman of MGR Ranch, HC is the tattooed, motorcycle riding chef, who seems to live to aggravate him. Opposites attracting is what happens when these two men decide they want each other. Hot, steamy loving, outrageous endearments and quid pro quo is what ensues as they each turn their alpha male loose.

I may not be talking bestsellers or classic novels here, but I am talking fun and entertainment and really don't we all want a bit of that from time to time.

I hope Ms. Carmichael has more books planned for Prentiss because I really need to know who's going to finally set their sights on Thomas? And what about HC's editor and friend, Jonas, someone needs to coral that man and show him that maybe he doesn't always need to get his way? Oh and let us not forget about Maddox, another of HC's friends and a fellow chef, he sounds a bit on the fiery side with his red hair, Mohawk and temperament, I'm sure there's an interesting story there just waiting to be told as well. Yes, Ms Carmichael, we need all the stories on all the men passing through or stopping over in this interesting place you call Prentiss. Please, let there be more, please.