First they were three, now there are two...

The Park at Sunrise - Lee Brazil

I knew from the description that this was not going to be a light fluffy story, let's face it anyone who thinks a story is going to be light and fluffy when it starts off with what is one of the MCs is dead and the other two haven't seen each other in years is trying really hard to fool themselves.

This story was short and intense. I found at the end of it there was a sadness that I just couldn't shake. In spite of that I liked this story immensely or maybe it was because of it, life isn't always rainbows and unicorns and sometimes it's ok if what I read isn't either.

I did have one issue with this story, but it goes more to my personal response than the actual story so in fairness to the author and the story I refused to factor it into my rating.


After not seeing each other for nearly 10 years and there definitely being unresolved issues Jason and Morgan basically fall into bed with each other less than 12 hours after Morgan has returned to his hometown since Paulie's death, not the response I would have had, but my response isn't everyone else's.