Ooopsie, I slid...

Collusion -

...from book 2 right into book 3 and forgot to do a review. Bo & Lucky are without a doubt one of the most incredibly dysfunctional couples going and for this I adore them. Really what's not to love about a couple who can't even be honest with themselves much less each other about their feelings.

These two men are an interesting study in balance. Bo is compulsively neat and tidy, he's a vegetarian, he's trusting (too much so according to Lucky), he's social, methodical, likes to gather the information before making his decision. While Lucky is well...he's the opposite. He's messy, he'll eat all the bacon he can get his hands on (as long as no one tells Bo), he's anti-social, he goes by his gut instinct, he one, well that is until Bo. He trust Bo, he knows Bo's got his back...well damn when did that happen.

Bo & Lucky both work for the SNB (Southern Narcotics Bureau). They're partners, Lucky doesn't do partners or at least he didn't until Bo came along. Now Lucky does partners, well one partner, yup he does Bo every chance he gets and Bo is just fine with that. But they're just partner's with benefits right? Ok, it may have started that way, but as their current case progresses Lucky is forced to look more closely at how he feels about a lot of things not just Bo.

Bo & Lucky are undercover at a Children's Cancer Hospital trying to resolve some questionable happenings caused by a nationwide drug shortage and trying to juggle their relationship both personal and professional isn't always easy when you don't see eye to eye, but it can net some interesting results both personally and professionally.

As if life isn't complicated enough Lucky's trying to sort out his feelings for Bo and Lucky doesn't do feelings, not even his own. Then there's Bo's strange behavior since they started their current case.. It's enough to give  guy a headache but add to it the company picnic and throw in a few sick kids...looks like Lucky might have to do feelings after all.

I love Bo & Lucky and while this book gives enough background that a person can read it as a stand alone I strongly recommend reading the first book in this series both for the background information and the entertainment value. Ms Winters has taken two men total opposites and made them fit.

Their strengths are each others weakness and how they view each other is not really what one would expect. They are at times a study in contradiction and yet the way they fit works and is incredibly entertaining and endearing. They love each other because of their faults not in spite of them(don't tell Lucky I said it's love, he'll be pissed. He doesn't do feelings, ok?).