Holy hell what a ride!

Corruption (Diversion #3) - Eden Winters

I was hooked from the first book with these two men and the second book was a trip and a half but this one. This story has me a confirmed addict.

Bo & Lucky are definitely a drug of choice for me and yes, all the drug references are intentional. If you're familiar with this series you probably figured it out right away. If not it's because of what these men do for a living.

Our MC's work for a drug enforcement agency referred to as the SNB as  a result of some poor decisions made in life they get to take a walk on the wild side in the name of law enforcement and it does get wild at times.

Corruption gives us a closer look at Bo a far more complex man than we've been shown before and some real eye openers for Lucky who is forced to take a deeper look at himself and the man he's come to consider his partner in all aspects of his life.

This could all end here, but I really, really hope not and I hope the wait for what comes next won't be too long because I'm pretty sure that what comes next for Bo and Lucky is going to be even more intense than things have been so far. I just hope our boys can come through it in one piece and together.

I like the way these two men are growing as individuals and as a couple. If what is hinted at in Corruption is a tease for the future, then sign me up for the trip.