A.M. Arthur just seems to keep getting better.

Unearthing Cole - A. M. Arthur

I enjoyed her 'Cost of Repairs' series and will certainly be watching for more from it, but this book...this book broke my heart and then fixed it.

Cole is a man on the run searching for someplace safe, someplace to . unfortunately life or death has other plans for him and forces him to return to his beginnings. He now has to deal with the loss of his mother and cleaning up the hoarders den she has left him. He receives help in the form of Jeremy Collins,  the owner of a local antique store.

My heart ached for Cole. He had so much to deal with, to work his way through not just his parent and their hoarding and I really just wanted to wrap him up in a warm blanket and feed him milk and cookies. Jeremy while having his own past heartaches to deal with sees in Cole someone that he wants more than just a short term relationship with but he knows that he can't push and he's prepared to give Cole the TLC he needs.

This was just a sweet, wonderful story about love and heartbreak and how having the right person there for you can help you work through it and be stronger when you come out the other side.

At the end of this book, I was left feeling comfortable and content that both Cole and Jeremy were in good places. Their story could end here, but if it didn't I'd like to be there for what comes next.