Second verse not as good as the first...

A Family of His Own - Sean Michael

I bought this book based on the first one in the series, I loved it. It was cute fluffy read that had me laughing and smiling pretty much from start to finish. I was hoping for a repeat performance.


A Family of His Own was ok, Benji was sweet and he did adore children and really the cutest part of this who book was the 3 year old. But I didn't feel the connection between the MC's the way I did in the first story. Will's struggle to keep his family going after the loss of his partner just didn't have the emotional connect that I would have expected to feel.


This just didn't work for me the way the first book did and I really have no specific reason why. I had no trouble reading it and got through it in a day, so it's not that it wasn't a good book it just wasn't great or as enjoyable as the first one for me.