Oh my! Where do I begin.

Finding Jackie - Lou Sylvre

I know, I know at the beginning, but you see that was actually 2 books before this, oops sorry 3 books I forgot about "Yes". Not sure how I did that, that book reduced me to tears more than once.

Ok on to Saving Jackie. Saving Jackie was not quite as strong of an emotional roller coaster as the previous books, I believe there were only tears once or twice and in my defence you can't know what Jackie went through, be a mother and not cry and feel like you're being gutted. It's just not possible or if it is I just don't know how to do it and I'm good with that. Jackie and his brother Josh have been through hell and Luki as their Uncle wants to keep them safe and make their life better. This is just a small example of why I adore Luki & Sonny his husband. These two men and the way they are together, the love they have and how they fit together just make me smile. I adore them.

This story had me on the edge of my seat as a parent there is nothing scarier than not knowing where your child is, who are they with? Are they safe? Will you ever see them again? These are basic imperatives that every parent needs to have no matter how old their child is, but when that child is at an incredibly vulnerable stage in their life as Jackie was it is even more terrifying. To know that your child is out there without benefit of your love and protection is just so, so scary. But as a parent you can't allow your self to dwell on this because you know your child needs you and you need to find them, to make them loved and safe again. This is what Luki and Sonny faced in Finding Jackie.

So the only thing that remained to be seen was what price will you pay to ensure your child's safety? This story not only showed us to what extent Luki would go to ensure his nephews safety but as I begin the next book it has me asking 'At what point do we quit paying for our choices and our actions?'