Still going strong!

Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford

So here I am reading away and well into book 3 when I realize that book 2 is still sitting on my 'currently reading' shelf. Yes that is how much I am enjoying this series, I don't want to take the time to do the book reviews I just want to keep reading.


I'm waiting for that moment the one where Jae realizes that the risk are worth the  gain if he can just bring himself to take the chance. It's scary and doubly so for him because of his cultural beliefs, but Cole will be worth it, I just know he will. Of course if Cole could just quit getting shot that might help.


Now let's take a minute to deal with Cole's parents because that's more time than they deserve especially his stepmom. Any woman who would tell a child 'it would have been better if you died.' Really? Can I just say 'bitch you are a waste of perfectly good oxygen.' and his so called 'father' well damn these two characters are the reason that the word parent leaves a bad taste in some people's mouths. 


Then we have Claudia, she's not perfect but she's strong enough and smart enough to admit her mistakes and fix them. Yeah, I adore Claudia and she gets all the feels. One of my favourite lines from this book came from Claudia...


"...And if I couldn't find it in my heart to love the son I already had, how could I learn to love the one I would find?"  Perfect, simply perfect. THE END!