I just have 2 words for you Cole..."Kevlar suit"...

Dirty Laundry (Cole McGinnis, #3) - Rhys Ford

I don't think I've ever read a series where one of the MC's was a bullet magnet...well now I have. Cole McGinnis is a bullet magnet. 


This book was fantabulous. The mystery was excellent, a little stronger than in the previous stories, but still the relationship development was a strong component as well. There were moments of tears (mine, Jae's and Cole's), there was heartache, laughter, tenderness, steamy sex, love dear heaven the love between these two is so present on every page.


This series has turned me into such a Rhys Ford fangirl. I can't wait to get my hands on the next...oh wait, I have the next book, it's on my e-reader and I have started reading it already.


I am so glad I finally decided to read this series, my only regret is I'm on the last book because I'd really like to have more...please Ms. Ford, I need more of Cole & Jae, of Bobby, Mike & Maddie, Claudia and her clan and just everyone else in this fascinating world of Cole McGinnis.