I'm not sure if the ghost was elusive, I know at times my interest was...

A Ghost Most Elusive - Ally Blue

I really wish I could say differently but a fair chunk of this was a forced read. I love Ally Blue's Bay City Paranormal series and since this was a spin off I was wanting...hoping it would be the same. Book 1 was a 3 star read, so for me that's ok, it means a good solid enjoyable read not fantastic but enjoyable from start to finish and that's ok they don't all have to be 5 star reads.


This book gets 2.5 stars and just barely. A lot of the time I felt like I was spinning my gears on a story that seemed to be making no progress and as if that wasn't bad enough there were times that I wondered why Adrian & Greg were together, it almost felt forced. Their connection just didn't seem to be there.


In regards to the story there were times that it seemed sketchy and might have benefited from a bit more detail. Overall it just wasn't working for me the way the original series did or her stand alone book Adder which I absolutely loved!


I'm torn on whether or not I'll be continuing with this series, I guess time and my elusive interest will tell.