I think I just read my favorite A.M. Arthur book...

What You Own - A.M. Arthur

I loved this book. It was wonderful, it was heartbreaking, it made me cry, it made me furious, it made me feel so much, so very,very much. So in a nutshell it was a huge success.


Adam and Ryan are victims of a hate crime. But that isn't enough. Adam is manipulated by the one person in the world that he should be able to rely on...his father.  While I can't say I liked Adam's father, I do understand that in part he did all the wrong things for the right reasons.


This story flipped back and forth between Ryan and Adam's POV and while not normally the way I like my stories told it was well done and I always knew whose POV I was reading so at the end of it all, it was just a different format and I enjoyed it immensely.


I expected a good read when I started this book, what I got, was for me considerably better than good. It broke my heart that Adam was forced to choose between the two people he loved most in the world but I fell like he made the right decision and hopefully one day he'll get back what he was forced to give up in order to gain the man he loved and control of his life. 


A.M. Arthur just seems to get better with every story but right now I think this is my favourite by this author and I'm not sure if this will change but I look forward to continuing to reading her books to find out.