5 Years of waiting...finally over...sort of, you see I have a dilemma...

Natchez Burning - Greg Iles



Any one who knows me will tell you that this book has for me been like awaiting  the arrival of the holy grail.  I probably discovered this author back in the 90s. The first book he ever wrote that I read was called 'The Quiet Game' and  I was hooked. I ran out and bought every book I could find of his, I stalked his release dates on Chapters and anywhere else I could. I've read some fantastic books and I have a long list of authors that I really enjoy but this man is at the absolute top of that list. I actually pre-ordered this book back when it was originally set to be released, that was about 5 years ago. Needless to say that got cancelled. The release date postponed due to so many reasons that I won't go into.


Then a few short months ago I discovered that there was a novella coming out entitled 'The Death Factory' a story to fill in the gaps between the last book and this one and there was a release date for Natchez Burning. I was thrilled, I was over the moon with excitement and hubby was in total support of me trying to pre-order once again because yes I love this author's work so much that I only buy his books in hard copy as soon as they are released. So I pre-ordered and on April 28th Indigo Books sent me an e-mail telling me that my wait was over, my book had been shipped. So now I'm in heaven because when I went to my mailbox on April 29th there it was all bundled up with Sharon Shinn's latest book 'Royal Airs' from her Elemental Blessings series.


So here's my dilemma, now that I actually have this fabulous book and it is mine, trust me I have held it, hugged it, caressed the pages, starred starry eyed at the cover. It sits on the table beside me because I want to read it so desperately. I can hear you already, you're muttering "then read the damned book and let me go back to mine."


My problem is that this is Greg Iles, this is the book that was 5 years late being released, I don't want to read it in bits and bites. a page here a page there when I have a moment. I want to curl up for endless hours and savour every word commit them to memory because this is also the beginning of the end for this particular series by this author. So for now I will content my self with the knowledge that as soon as life permits I will be curled up in a comfy chair devouring for me what is an anxiously awaited treasure. 


As much as I hate to wait any longer, I know I will but first chance I get (which may be soon because hubby and the kiddles are taking off for a day and leaving me home alone) I will devour this book only to begin anew the interminable wait for the second book and then there will be one more. Yes this story has taken on somewhat epic proportions as it has grown from one book to 3!


So in a nutshell my dilemma is that when I didn't have the book I had the time to read it and now I have the book and not the time. Hopefully the day is coming soon when I will have both the book and the time. I know without a doubt it will be worth the wait.