Read the the book?

Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore, #3) - K.A. Mitchell

If you've read my post then you know that for the most part this book just wasn't happening for me, so (You are probably wondering) why did she give the book 3 stars? I didn't, I really only gave it 2.5 and that was mostly for the last 21% of the book where I started to like the characters and want to see them together.


For most of the book I couldn't figure out why these two even bothered to stay in the same room together...oh that's right they like to screw like horny bunnies in mating season. Liking each other was irrelevant and therein lay the heart of my problem. I don't connect when it's sex for the sake of sex. Don't get me wrong I understand that people aren't always passionately in love with every person that they get naked with, but sorry I just feel like you should at least like the person you're getting intimate with. Having said that I fully acknowledge this as my issue and I did not write this book. So again you might be wondering why I didn't give this book a higher rating, well to be honest because it was part of a series and I hate to quit reading a series once I've started, also I hate to quit reading a book once I've started again both my issues and not the quality of the author's writing that kept me reading.


One of the other things that I really didn't like about this book was the fact that Gavin's friend Beach started talking and that man should never be allowed to speak because frankly he struck me as being the epitome of a self centred, arrogant douche and while I fully acknowledge that people can change the reality is not all of them do. I honestly have to admit if Ms Mitchell decides to give Beach his own story I'm torn as to whether or not I want to read it. Part of me says no way, never gonna' happen and another part of me is just curious enough to want to see if she can make me like this character.

Now having said all that, while I didn't like Beach, I did like the fact that there was a secondary character in the story that I felt so intensely about. I think it speaks to the quality and level of the author's writing skills that she can bring out intense emotions in the reader about the characters she creates.


Unfortunately my biggest issue was with the end of the book, there I was reading away and starting to really enjoy this couple and like the fact that they were starting to acknowledge their feelings for each other and suddenly BANG!!! It was done, story over and I'm left going WTF? Really, my e-reader says I have 20 pages left to read and I did, 20 pages of which about 2 were author bio (I'm cool with that) and the rest were book trailers, one was even for this book? I'm sorry but honestly I just finished reading the book and you put a promo for it at the end of the book what the hell either loose the pages or give me more story. According to GR this book is 223 pages long, according to my e-reader it was 179 pages long. I know the page numbers can vary but really? 43 pages, that's a little extreme.


I actually like K.A. Mitchell, a lot. Overall her books tend to rate 4 or 5 stars from me. Would I recommend this book, not as resoundingly as some of Ms Mitchell's other books but if you're going to read this series then I say read them all. Will I continue to read this series, of course. I have in fact already started the next book. Like I said I really liked the first 2 books and I really like Ms Mitchell.