What just happened?

Love Comes Home - Andrew  Grey

I'm feeling a little confused right now. I'm not sure what just happened. I started this book and I was really enjoying it. It as full of emotion and the plot was moving along nicely but somewhere along the line I realized my interest was waning.


Greg is a single dad who is thrown by the discovery that Davey, his young son, is going blind (add tears here, believe me I did). Then along comes Tom attractive, kind hearted, philanthropist who moved to this small town from New York in search of a life that was more fulfilling. The attraction is instant but the relationship develops at a more normal pace because as often happens in the real world life keeps getting in the way. Throw in familiar characters from previous books, add in a couple of 'what-the-fuckery' moments brought on by Davey's absentee mom, who apparently has a pang or two of motherhood guilt. Stir in Skip, Tom's best friend from New York things should have worked to keep my interest but for whatever reason it was enough to keep me reading because by this point I felt invested in the story and wanted to know the ending... 


So here we are at the ending for me it was a little bit abrupt and unexpected, partially because the description on GoodReads told me this was a 200 page book and my e-reader told me it was 172 pages well Surprise! Surprise! it turned out at 144 pages I ran out of story and at a point that felt more like a segue to another scene than the actual ending of the book. There was no epilogue as there had been in previous books where the author jumps ahead 6 months or a year to give you that final glimpse at where things ended up for everyone, even though the indications are pretty clear it's still nice it's like the bow on the present. It just gives the gift that finished feel, that last little touch of thoughtfulness.