It was a good didn't quite shake my sugar tree.

Shaking the Sugar Tree - Nick Wilgus

So many of my friends and people whose reviews I like to peek at loved this book, I mean really, really loved this book and I get it I honestly do. Unfortunately, I didn't get 'it', I just didn't get the overwhelming feels for this book that were shared by so many others. There were parts that I absolutely loved. I loved Papaw, he was hilarious, I loved Noah & Wiley, the setting, the writing was awesome and yet somewhere along the line either the book failed me or I failed the book because I just didn't get 'it' and for that I am sorry. I think one day when I feel like rereading something I will probably give this one serious consideration because I know I won't like it less than I did the first time around. It is honestly not a bad book by any means. Hell, Papaw alone keeps it from going near that category and it doesn't happen often for me that a book that even I felt I should have really liked and happily given 4 or even 5 stars to doesn't work that way so I seriously think I need to take a little break and then try Shaking the Sugar Tree again to see what falls out.