I finally figured it out...

And Call Me in the Evening - Willa Okati

And Call Me In The Morning was my first encounter with the writing of Willa Okati and I was hooked, I fell head over heels in love with Eli & Zane. They were so perfect, not because they were 'perfect' but because they weren't. They had flaws, insecurities, human failings, quirky friends. I was so smitten that once I finished the book I went back to the beginning and read it again, but no that still wasn't enough I had to read it a third time before I could move on to other things. Why? you might wonder or at least to be honest I did because honestly I've never done that before. I still didn't really know why other than to say that I connected with this story, with these characters and at that time that was it. Eli and Zane were all wrapped  up in that one beautiful story.


So now here we are several years later for me and for Eli and Zane and lord love Willa Okati because she has given us more of these two beautiful men. And now I think I finally understand why I love these characters, these stories so much. It's because to me this is a story about love, plain and simple. It's not an epic adventure, a terrifying thriller, a mind boggling mystery, none of those things. It's love at it's basic level. It's the day to day struggle to be who and what the person you love needs, knowing that their happiness means more to you than your own, it's compromise, sacrifice, give, take, want, need. All the things that make and break relationships. So yes parts of this book were a little boring but that was also part of the charm and the realism for me because life can be and is at times boring. Then there were the parts that made me hold my breath and cross my fingers that something wouldn't happen to make me have to stop reading because I knew I just needed to keep going and stay part of this story.


My recommendation, if you want something that will make you feel warm and smile and maybe even shed a tear or two. Read 'And Call Me In the Morning' then follow it up with 'And Call Me In the Evening'. If you want an epic adventure or any of that stuff do yourself and these books a favour keep looking because this isn't it.