Queers...where everyone knows you game...and your always glad you came!

Queers - A.J.  Rose

Queers was a very different reading experience from previous offerings by A.J. Rose (Safeword & Power Exchange) but for me equally as enticing. I loved the way the storyline flowed not so slow that I was bored but at the same time not so fast that I felt like details were being skipped.


I loved the cast of characters in this story. It started with Duff and Brad and seemed like they were the main characters and in a way I suppose they were but this was such an ensemble cast of characters to love and hate with more than one storyline being told. The author wove his story so skilfully that at no time did I loose track or have trouble following events. The only thing I seemed to have a problem with was putting the book down when I needed to do other things...like sleep and that is how I found myself reading at 3:30 in the morning because I just had to find out what was going to happen between Garrett and Jackson, who in the end were the pair that I felt the strongest about, especially Jackson. I simply loved him and my heart ached for him. I also adored Moonshine. She was strong and loyal to a fault to those she cared about.


I am to say the least thrilled with an author who can get me so invested in a story that I will put everything else aside to read it. So am I tired yes. Am I sorry I missed out on 3 or 4 hours of sleep no, not even a little bit.