Let's talk pets...

So I was chatting with one of my friends here on BL and we were talking about our dogs. Which in and of itself is unusual for me because I've actually been more of a cat person my whole life.But my hubby he loves him some dogs.


When we met he was the happy owner of a Dalmatian and when she left us, hubby & child convinced me that we needed another one and I finally caved so around 20 years living with Dalmatians, who are highly social, high strung but incredibly loving dogs. I said no more and for 3 years we enjoyed being empty nesters. Yes, we could come and go as we pleased no kids, no pets to tie us to a schedule. It was nice I liked it and then it happened. My nephew showed up at my house for Christmas with his Miniature Schnauzer puppy, my best friend and her husband broke down and replaced their dog a year after his passing and bang I woke on Boxing Day to find my hubby researching dog breeds and looking at me with puppy dog eyes.


What else could I do? This is the man I love, I couldn't tell him no. Not when he looked at me like that. So I caved...but I told him "NO DALMATIAN" and he looked like I'd kicked his puppy, the one he didn't have yet, I didn't care, even I have limits. I was not giving in on this part of it.


Don't get me wrong, Dalmatians are wonderful pets, but they are also high maintenance. We compromised because as I was told when we got our last Dalmatian "It's not a dog if it isn't black and white" and yes I did explain the flawed logic in that argument so rest assured all you owners of non-black&white dogs, your pet's honour has been defended. So where is this leading hopefully to a picture of our compromise. This is the solution my other half so wisely offered me.



His name is Paxton, he was approximately 3 months old in ^^this picture ^^ and as you can see he is black and white and as I am fond of telling him just to cute to be believed he's grown some over the years. He's now 3 1/2 years old and looks like this...


He's still to cute for his own good, but we adore him and he has firmly entrenched himself into our lives and our hearts. Sealyham Terriers are not the most common of breeds but they are an incredibly loving breed and tend to consider themselves as belonging to the whole family versus one person as is the nature of most dogs. 


So that's my dog story, well a little bit of it. Tell me yours add a picture of your pet if you want. I love seeing pet pictures.


If you don't have a dog tell me about your cat, I do love cats. Our last cat was 23 years old when she died. She was amazing and I still miss her but I've decided that at this stage of the game having a dog is enough.