Yes, angry bunny was angry and adorably so...

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

This story had an unexpected depth to it that I really enjoyed as Mark worked through the changes of being transplanted from his native Australia to the United States. Giving up the friends and life he had expected to have and trying to redefine what it was that he wanted.


I adored Mark. He tried so hard to be a hard ass with an I don't care attitude, but Deacon saw through that pretty quickly and what started out as an unexpected meeting in the bar where Deacon worked turned into more than either one of these two college students expected.


Watching Mark work through his issues as he and Deacon explored their growing attraction and maneuver the obstacle course that is college life was a sweet, funny, sexy story that left me laughing and cheering them on as they found their way through college life.


Mark Cooper Versus America was definitely a story worth reading.