Second Season was second rate...

The Second Season - Lee Pulaski

Apparently I do like to torture myself because I really can't think of any other reason for having read this book.


Let's start with our MCs. Shilo David and Jeffrey Layton. What can I say about these two men. Oh yeah, they're perfect. No seriously they are. The author told us this over and over and over. As a matter of fact not only are they so oober amazing it's nauseating, they are superheroes. Anyways, I sure you get the picture on that. 


Then we have the rest of the cast this time around we have a gun totting granny (actually liked her) and Trixie is back (she's the local owner of a diner), Shilo's best friend Tucker show's up to add some drama queen moments, Jeffrey's good friend and fellow officer, Matthew Keisling is with us once again (although he has the most abesentee girlfriend ever, Mary never makes an appearance. I think Matt's made her up), Shilo's sister is back again and let's not forget Jeffrey's cousin or was it nephew. Oh well, Garrett has come to live with Shilo & Jeffrey apparently his parents are to busy with their amazing careers to raise their kid. Not a problem because he seems to be turning out awesome without them, well of course he is, right? I mean after all he is related to the incredible Jeffrey. Oh yes, let me not forget the amazing and possibly gay Mew (Shilo's cat, likes to watch nake men get it on) and the ex's of which we have 2 and both belong to Jeffrey this time around Marcus, who was boy friend #2.

For those familiar with the series Marcus is pretty amazing, I must admit. He's dead and yet he keeps coming back to save and/or help Jeffrey.

(show spoiler)

Next we have Nicholas, who randomly shows up out of nowhere..ok he's from California and was presumable the first guy Jeffrey ever had a relationship with and was mentioned in book 1, I don't really remember him but in fairness to me it's been about 2 years and many books since book 1.

He's our villain amongst others. And he's also a little cray, cray...ok he's a lot cray, cray

(show spoiler)


There you have it ladies and gentlemen every man to every grace the bed of the amazing Jeffrey is in this book.


In fact the concept was interesting...yeah, I think I like that word. It could have even been a fun and entertaining story filled with laughs. For me it came off as pretentious and at times repetitive. I really, really cannot understate how many times I was told that Shilo and Jeffrey were amazing but I'm about to stop trying. Perhaps it was the author's writing style but I kept feeling like he was trying to create these profound moments and it just wasn't happening for me.


I had really hoped this would be a fun read. I remember the first book and felt the characters had a lot of potential and the town seemed like it could be background to some fun and quirky adventures, however, I fear that this was my last trip to the woods surrounding Eagle River, Wisconsin (it's a real place folks, I googled it) at least with Shilo and Jeffrey...alas, I simply feel too flawed to be in the presence of these paragon's of perfection.