Something new for me...

Clockwork Tangerine - Rhys Ford

Let me start by saying I love Rhys Ford. I've read all of her Cole McGinnis series and Sinner's Gin (except for Tequila Mockingbird, which I will be remedying soon). What I have not ventured into is the world of Steampunk. It has frequently piqued my curiosity and I have perused numerous books in this genre but until now I have managed to step away from them so this was my first venture into the world of Steampunk and I was fascinated. 


Ms Ford has created a setting and characters that have totally enchanted me. This is  a tale of two men created by such different influences and circumstances yet finding their way to each other in a world that for me was very foreign and fascinating. 


Robin is an inventor and a genius who has been used and made to suffer the consequences for how others utilized his creations. Imprisoned, branded, ostracised and frequently beaten, he continues to quietly create his inventions of  things that can offer a better life to those in need. 


Marcus is born to a life of privilege and influence. Raised by a father who believed that if you have power you used it to help others not to perpetrate abuses upon the less fortunate. He has taken his father's teachings to heart, even if it means denying himself.


How these two men meet and the circumstances around that meeting and how they have impacted each others lives unknowingly makes for a thoroughly enjoyable story and one that I hope there will be more of beyond this initial offering.