Everyone should have a Brigid & Donal...

Tequila Mockingbird (Sinners Series Book 3) - Rhys Ford

I love this series. Rhys Ford is amazing. The characters in Sinner's Gin are so entertaining and just loveable. Absolutely loveable and as much as I love the MCs and it this case it was Forest and Con. I read these stories for Brigid and Donal.


Brigid & Donal are the best parents ever. So often in books parents are portrayed as being less than stellar and there are those types of parents in these stories too. But central to this series we have the Morgan family and there are 8 children in this Irish clan who were raised by a couple who are wonderfully representative of what being a good parent means to love your children unconditionally, to be there for them, guide them even when they've left the nest but to still let them stand on their own two feet. Yet somehow Ms Ford has managed to make this family seem real and I don't find myself rolling my eyes and quietly muttering "I get it they're perfect" because they're not she gives them flaws, they make mistakes, they fight, they make up, they love, they laugh, they worry. They just seem so possible.


To be honest I am so enchanted with the characters in these stories I don't think I could pick a favourite book Miki & Kane are so intense, Damien & Sionn are just so frickin' cute and now we have Con & Forest who have wormed their way into my heart and sit there firmly entrenched with every one else.


I can't wait to read more of this series, but I know I have to and I'm just hoping the wait won't be too long because we got a sneak at who's story is going to be next on the list or at least I hope it was because I so want to see more of this Morgan brother. He is different from the rest and I really, really want to find out more about him and the man he seems to have set his sights on.


Sinner's Gin is for me exactly what a good book should be. Well written, good characters, a story I can get involved in, that doesn't leave me hanging but still wanting more, 5 stars and then some.