Unbound Reaction - Talia Carmichael

Book 4 in Talia Carmichael's Prentiss series was an enjoyable cowboy read for the most part. I liked Thomas & Kendall and it was fun seeing their attraction blossom into a romance that Kendall was trying so hard to avoid but Thomas was his own gentle, determined force of nature and as with the riding lessons that Kendall was determined not to take. Thomas was equally determined to have his way about this as well.


My biggest disappointment was the ending to me it felt rushed, I wanted a little bit more and it just felt like the author had gotten bored and decided she was done with their story and yet to me it didn't quite feel like their story was done. Maybe we'll get more of these two men at a later date and that little bit more that I'm hoping for will be there to put the finishing touch on this painting.