It's more of my favourite Cowboy soap opera and so far it's the best...

Snake Charmer - Carol  Lynne

I recently read the first 30 books in this series and while they are not epic stories and will probably not go down in history as any kind of literary masterpieces. I've quite enjoyed my little foray into the town of Cattle Valley and it's residents. 


I believe one of my previous reviews compared the series to a soap opera. Well that hasn't changed but this last episode pulled at a few more of my heartstrings than I had been prepared for and I thoroughly enjoyed it, tissue in hand.


Snake is our big bad ex-mercenary, who just happens to believe that men like him just aren't loveable especially to someone like sweet geekie accounting department employees like Riley.


These two men are both so filled with issues and each has things from their past that haunt them or in Riley's case stalks him.


Whatever the reason these two guys just clicked for me. Everything about them had me gushing like a star-struck school girl. I wanted them to find their happily ever after, to be together and lovin' on each other like no one else could. 


But one should always be careful what they wish for because what these two men went through to get there broke my heart and this was where the tissue came in handy. Still all in all it was by far my favourite story in this series so far and I have a sneaky suspicion that no matter what else may come Riley and Snake will always be at the top of my list for Cattle Valley residents I adore.