All the feels...that's right this one gets all the feels...

Understanding Jeremy - A.M. Arthur

Yeah that's right. I tore through this one so fast it didn't even make it on to my 'currently reading' shelf. This book was so full of feels and angst and emotions, I couldn't stop until I was done. I was totally taken with Jeremy & Cole by the time I got done reading 'Unearthing Cole'. I adore these two men even more after this book.


Jeremy loves Cole so much and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Cole is happy and if that means being with him well that makes it all the better because being with Cole is what makes Jeremy happy.


'Understanding Jeremy' continues basically from where 'Unearthing Cole' left off only it is told from Jeremy's perspective and we get to find out more about what has happened in the past to make him into the person he is now. It is very well done and the storyline moves smoothly. Even though a lot of Jeremy's past is revealed it's not done through jumping back and forth in time but by Jeremy sharing his memories.


If you haven't read 'Unearthing Cole' read it first otherwise chances are this book won't be anywhere near as good as it is, for you because you'll probably feel lost and maybe a bit confused throughout most, if not all of it. But they're both wonderful reads so it shouldn't be a hardship at all. Yeah, I simply loved these books.


A.M. Arthur is definitely a must read for me after this.